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  • Azrun

    Azrun is the name of the world given to it by the first mortals who inhabited it. h2. Past Empires Empires have come and gone over the centuries. [[Arkhosia]] of the dragonborn. The infernal [[Bael Turath]] of the tieflings. The phasing feywild …

  • Winterhaven

    h4. village, population 977 Nesstled in the southern foothills of the [[Cairngorm peaks]] lies a small village that grew up under the protection of the [[Keep on the Shadowfell]] around two hundred yeays ago. It lay on the outskirts of the [[Nerath]] …

  • Cranes Ferry

    h4. town, population 2645 p. A town located on a bend of the [[Moonglum River]]. Named after a famous ferry that once operated here. It is a trading outpost the last stop on the river where trading ships reach to pick up goods from the surrounding area …

  • Keep on the Shadowfell

    Built over two hundred years ago to seal a rift between the world and the Shadowfell. It was succesful but fell into disrepair after [[the sundering]].

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